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Night markets in Sanur

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Another good nights sleep. We are having good solid nights sleep at the moment, feel very relaxed. Got up had breakfeast down the road not sure of name. Thought i would try their eggs benedict. I got something that looked like eggs ben, however, there were some odd flavours. What was i thinking? Jen stuck to toast and coffee. One thing which the Indonesian struggle with is the concept of toast. The lady who took us on canoeing tour was telling us how they just don't know how to make toast. She helps with a restaurant and she told them that westerns like toast for breakfeast. So she brought them a toaster and first day she walks in too see a worker with a fork in the toaster trying to get bread out. Next day toaster was broken. On the breakfeast menus it always says toast, however, when it arrives it is bread untoasted. So today jen got real toast and she was so happy. She said to the lady that was excellent toast. The lady smiled and moved on.
We saw a fresh of the boat tourist couple walking down main street of Sanur. In Sanur the taxis will beep their horn at people walking along to get their attention to get a taxi. This couple where doing what we all do in a new place, walking slowly and looking at everything new. Taking it all in. A taxi beeped his horn and the male whipped around to see who had beeped. I dont know who he was expecting to see. He then raised his hand and waved to the taxi with a thanks for that beep mate wave. Brake lights on, indicator on the taxi pulls over and waits for the guy. The guy now realises what he has done and starts waving to say "no". Taxi driver opens his door yells something in Indonesian then drives off. Guy looks embarrassed. Off they go again. BEEP BEEP! he keeps his head down. Lesson learnt.
Went down to the beach for a swim and relax. Finally found a shortcut to the beach. We had been going the long way around as the resorts block all the direct access to the beach. There is a vacant block with a resort coming soon which we had seen but not gone through the gate. Just opened the gate and went on through. On the beach in 3 minutes. We felt like we had opened a secret door. As we walked down the beachfront we saw ladies who stalls we had visited earlier in our visit. We were greeted like long lost friends "andrew, jenny. How are you. you shop today?". "Not today." "See you later." They have great memories for names. Found a nice spot got some deck chairs and chilled out.
After a while we decided to head back to hotel cool down and head out for late lunch. Todays choice was Japanese. Jen had been eyeing this place of since we arrived. Nice location and comfy seats. We ordered a sashimi platter and teriyaki beef. Sashimi was excellent beef a little tough. We did order medium rare. Overall very nice late lunch.
Jen had been wanting to get her nails done so she decided to get them done. There are so many places to choose from in Sanur. Every third store is a beauty salon. Picked one which had given jen a flyer. She settled on a full body scrub, manicure and pedicure. All for $23 aussie dollars. While jen was making herself beautiful i wandered over to the sports bar and had beers and watched football. Ahhh life is hard.
We are going to the night food markets for dinner tonight. Had some satay the other night so i am keen to sample some more local food. Made our way to the markets and it was already starting to get busy. Did a quick lap around. There are so many options. Settled on martabak and chicken and goat satay skewers. Martabak is an Indonesian street food. Roti (pancake type) shell and you can choose filling. They always have egg. We chose chicken and mushroom filling. We also got a desert one for later with chocolate and banana. Watched the guy cook it up and there it was in front of us. Yummo! Had a taste of the desert one and again yummo! Wish i had tried these earlier. Couldn't eat it all so they gave us a take away box. Next course chicken and goat satay skewers. Two plates hit our table. We hooked into them. Jen wasn't that hungry so i demolished two plates. I reckon i could have had one more plate. That satay sauce is the bomb. There were so many other dishes i would have loved to have tried, however, even i have a limit.
Back to our hotel with full tummys and some snacks in a box. A few drinks then an early night. Another good day in Bali.

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Looks like your sampling lots of food and relaxing well enjoy the rest of your holidays

by kickabum

The big lobster carving looks creepy. Should be in an alien movie. LOL all the empty skewers!!! Andrew you sure do like your tucker. Cheers Bea

by Bumbleb397

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